Born in Ohio, USA, Martin grew up in Germany with mom and dad being classical violinists, receiving drum lessons from age 6, whilst developing self-taught piano, guitar and bass skills playing in school and church bands. Leaving home at age 16 to join his first rock band he went on to earn a professional music education including studies at Berklee, Boston, USA, the Conservartory of Enschede, NL, a diploma as a Jazz-Musician from the School of Music and Perf. Arts Mannheim and a BA in music production from the Popakademie Mannheim, where he wrote and produced his first LP for indie-pop duo anstatt Blumen.
After teaching drums, playing in and producing several bands from all genres he worked as an in-house producer of Austrias largest commercial studio in Vienna until game score giant dynamedion welcomed him to their team of external composers in 2014.

Since then he's scored for more than 60 episodes of Der Lehrer, series like Tatort, Polizeiruf 110, Endlich Freitags im Ersten, Block B, Milk & Honey and many more as well as independent award winning feature Films.

As a Drummer, keyboarder, songwriter, producer and arranger he has contributed to acts such as Revolverheld, Max Giesinger, L'aupaire, JulianLePlay, Varley, Cassandra Steen, Lemo and many others.

2020 was the time to make room for some of his own artistic work.

Having his grand piano placed seamlessly next to the production desk, Martin works on finding a unique sound for every theme he writes. Emerging from this work now for the first time he's releasing solo material presenting his very own artistic vision of beats and soundscapes, to make room for some of the many ideas based on pictures wich haven't been captured on film yet…